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Last upgrade the 10/23/2018

The AMSCAAF TRADE ( marketplace

AMSCAAF TRADE is published by AMSCAAF limited liability company, French company, domiciled in BP 51218.06 (a) ZA GALMOT, in Cayenne, French Guiana and registered with and the company trade register of CAYENNE under number 452,802,416.

AMSCAAF limited liability company offers services of comparison B2B and webmarketing to the companies of “Zone AMSCAAF” (Amazonia, South America, America Centrale+Mexique, Caribbean, Africa) and with their suppliers or customers, in the zone or the rest of the world.

The present precise privacy policy and informs you of the use which AMSCAAF limited liability company makes of the data in personal matter that you transmit to us, in particular starting from site AMSCAAF TRADE or that AMSCAAF limited liability company collects.


To visit place on the market AMSCAAF TRADE, it is not essential to transmit its personal information.

However, the nature of the services which we offer, obliges us to request of you the communication of certain information essential to the good realization of the services which you request.

For this purpose, AMSCAAF limited liability company is brought to require of you to communicate to him: your name, first name, address e-mail, phone number, of company and other information which you will bring to our attentions in the form and on various other occasions (civility, function, address, phone number, the nature of your needs…).

Without the handing-over of this information, we will not be able to treat your request.

By providing them, you accept expressly that AMSCAAF limited liability company treats them to answer your requests.


Your personal data are collected when you supplement our forms, when you are registered on our sites, when you transmit information or requests to us or when you subscribe with our newsletters.

For managements effective of its websites, AMSCAAF limited liability company can also have to collect the following impersonal data: IP addresses, the address of the site having directed you on our site as well as data of cookies.

Obligatory configuration - Information on the cookies

In order to allow all to the Net surfers an optimal navigation on the Site as well as a better operation of the various interfaces and applications, the Company can proceed to the establishment of a cookie in the computer hard drive of the User. The cookies are small files which the Web sites place on the computer hard drive when the subscriber connects himself. These files are pain-killers and do not contain any personal information concerning the subscribers. Most cookies used by the Company are cookies of session, which are active only during the connect time. The cookies permanent are recorded on the computer hard drive of the subscriber only with an aim of recognizing it when it is connected.

The User however has the possibility of blocking, of modifying the shelf life, or of removing this cookie via the interface of his browser. The blocking of the cookies by parameter setting of the browser and/or the firewall installed on the terminal of the User is likely to put obstacle at the normal functioning of the Service.

AMSCAAF limited liability company will take all the measures objectively useful for the protection of your data.

However, the transmission of information on Internet network not being itself at 100% secure, despite everything our efforts to protect your data of the most scrupulous manner that it is, we cannot guarantee a reliable transmission at 100% to you.

Consequently when you transmit your data to us, you assume this risk.

Once transmitted, your data will profit from procedures and sedentary means to try to prevent any access without authorization.


Once his registration is validated, the member has a maximum of 30 days to make his first publication. In the event that this has not been done, the member will receive a maximum of 3 reminders at one week intervals each. At the end of these reminders, if the member has not updated his subscription, his account will be deleted. 


We implement a variety of safety measures to preserve the security of your personal information. The computers and waiters used to store identifiable personal information are preserved in a secure environment.


All information which we collect from you can be used for :

- To personalize your experiment and to meet your individual needs ;

- To provide personalized advertising contents ;

- To improve our site ;

- To improve the customer service and your needs for assumption of responsibility ;

- You to contact by e-mail ;

- To manage a promotion, or an investigation.


AMSCAAF limited liability company respects the confidence of its prospective customers or customers.                          .

We respect the provisions of the General Regulation on the Data protection (General Protection Regulation Dated) adopted by the European Parliament on April 14th, 2016, and with the Data-processing Law and Freedoms of the modified January 6th, 1978.

Your data will be preserved only with an only aim of the realization of the studies, work and other service that you will ask us.

Your information will not be transmitted to a safe third with our under treating and only in the event of absolute need for breadth realization of the required task. or to answer a legal requirement.


We are sole owner of the information collected on GUYANA PROMOTION. Your personal information will not be sold, will be exchanged, transferred, or will not be given to another company for any reason, without your assent, apart from what is necessary to answer your request and/or a transaction, such as for example dispatching an order.

This nondisclosure thus does not relate to the third parties of confidence which help us to exploit our Web site or to carry out our business, as long as these parts are appropriate to keep these confidential information.


The person in charge of the treatment is the company by AMSCAAF limited liability company, French company, addresses: BP 51218 – 06 (a) ZA with 06 (a) ZA GALMOT, in Cayenne, French Guiana.


Your Personal information are stored by AMSCAAF limited liability company right for the duration useful for the realization of your request. This duration cannot exceed 24 months.


We can have to use cookies to improve the access to the site, for, by a random login, to identify the regular visitors and to charge their interests. The purpose of these cookies will not be to collect personal information.


A right of opposition and of withdrawal as for your personal information.

The right of opposition is the possibility that you have to refuse that your personal information are not used for the reasons indicated during the collection.

The right of retirement is the possibility that you have to ask so that your personal information not be used any more.

To exert these rights: Contact to us at the address :



The people concerned have a right of access and of correction of information which relates to them.

To exert these rights: Contact to us at the address :



The users of the sites, minors (old of less than eighteen years) are not authorized to communicate personal data nor to use without the agreement of their parents or tutors.


AMSCAAF limited liability company can constantly modify this Privacy policy. 

We encourage our visitors to regularly consult it on the sites.

Any modification made to our Privacy policy will immediately take effect dice its publications on the sites.

The use of the Site subsequently to these modifications will be regarded as an acceptance of these modifications.

This document is governed by the French laws and must be an interpreter in accordance with these laws.   You agree to carry any litigation born at the time of the use of this site in front of the courts of CAYENNE French Guiana.